Coaches coaching and mentoring in schools

Stuart works with schools across the country to support both staff, coaches and students in developing the school cricket programme. From coaches coaching to upskill staff and keep them up to date with the professional game, to arming coaches with the tools they need to ensure that cricket is a safe and enjoyable sport for all. As the women’s game develops, Stuart is particularly keen to work with forward thinking schools to promote inclusion for all.

Virtual or in-person coaches coaching

  • bridging the gap between professional sport and school cricket
  • the importance of improving by taking small steps
  • understanding the basics of cricket in a world of innovation
  • developing safe of healthy bowling actions
  • developing team spirit and positive player mindset

For a fixed fee of £400 per day, Stuart will work with Heads of Sport to develop a bespoke coaches coaching package and can also lead practical in-person sessions with students.

Stuart also offers online analysis of individual player performance as part of a school mentoring programme to help develop pathway players. See here for further details.

I have worked with Stuart on numerous occasions, and have had particular success with his group sessions delivered at King Edwards' School, a leading public school in Bath where I lead the inclusive cricket programme. He is an outstanding coach. His attention to detail and knowledge of all aspects of the game are outstanding. But, it's his bowling expertise that sets him apart. He has transformed many of the school's accomplished bowlers over the years, and now, with added technology, he is able to deliver virtual assessments and coaching to great effect. An amazing advancement, that is both efficient, flexible and eliminates the need for unnecessary travel. It's certainly a key part of his offering one that I would highly recommend to any school with a progressive mindset. Currently, Stuart is working with one of our leading senior female fast bowlers and it is our expectation that under Stuart's mentorship, she will go on to represent England. Thank you Stuart for your passion, enthusiasm and outstanding ability to coach all facets of the game.

Gregg Brown
Head of Cricket, King Edward's school, Bath

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