Stuart Barnes’ bowling analysis

Highly experienced International and First Class County Bowling Coach Stuart Barnes is a specialist who will analyse, produce an individual report and make recommendations on your current action in his unique Bowling Analysis.

Stuart Barnes’ Online Bowling Booth

What you need to do?

  • Choose your preferred analysis package.
  • Film your videos taken from the angles described.
  • Send the videos to Stuart via WhatsApp on the mobile number supplied.

Video footage required

If possible all footage captured needs to be as still as possible. A camera on a tripod would be great although somebody holding a camera with a steady hand will be ok!

Side on bowling view


  • Essential angle to send to Stuart.
  • Position camera at right angle to the bowlers stumps.
  • Footage taken from the bowlers ‘open side’ to capture bowlers chest through his/her action.
  • Zoom so bowler is as big as possible on the screen.
  • Start recording from 2/3 strides before the bowler takes off and include the full follow through.
  • See example above.
Back bowling view


  • Essential angle to send to Stuart.
  • Capture from directly behind the bowler in his/her run up.
  • Zoom to clearly capture the last 3/4 strides before take off into action.
  • Capture until the end of the bowlers follow through.
  • See example of the angle above.
Front on bowling view


  • Consider your safety before capturing front on footage!!!
  • This position is desirable although not essential.
  • Camera position directly in line with both batter and bowlers stumps.
  • Capture 2/3 strides before take off, include full follow through and ensure bowler is as big as possible at point of release as above.
  • See the example above regarding how big the bowler needs to be at ball release.

Get started...

Have your action analysed and receive recommendations which will improve your consistency, pace and accuracy. Whether you are a fast, medium pace, swing bowler or spinner Stuart will identify any areas in your current action that he feels can be improved to make you a better bowler. All recommendations will be made to make the action 'healthy' meaning to reduce the chance of injury, and also improve the bowlers performance.

First class


  • A written review of your bowling which will include a maximum of 8 images within your report.
  • Advice for improvement.
  • Appropriate images of other bowlers included within the report which will show desired positions to work toward.
  • An online zoom call to discuss the report in more detail.